MAYON TAYONG MAGAGAWA. We’re closely monitoring the situation in Albay where 13,000 people living in the danger zone around the active Mayon Volcano have been displaced by forced evacuation. There has been increased ground quakes, rockfalls and lava flows which indicate that a “hazardous eruption” would happen very soon. We are concerned about the evacuees, especially how they are eating. In connection with this we would like to channel some of pumpkins from the ongoing PUMPKIN RESCUE to them. We are in talks now with the farmers and a group that will truck the produce to far-off Albay. While Andie and I are likely not able to travel there, our hearts and our pumpkins will be with them, God willing. We hope so much for this effort to succeed.

We are enjoining everyone to SEND A PUMPKIN TO MAYON. You can do something to help. If you give P100 we shall send this RESCUE PUMPKIN in my hand and another one, TWO PUMPKINS, to the victims of the now-raging Mayon Volcano.

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