This was BAYC at Tzu Chi Campus in Sta. Mesa.

ANNOUNCING THE RURI FARMERS FESTIVAL BAYC. We’re turning 4 in April, and we’ll be celebrating. This is the first RURI FARMERS FESTIVAL. One of the activities we’ll do is a Box-All-You-Can (BAYC) Fruits and Vegetables. We’ll do it inside the QC Memorial Circle in Quezon City. Our farmers will be there along with many tons of rescue produce. We’ll invite all members to come and join in the celebration. Aside from this BAYC, there will be other activities too, but this BAYC is the first one we’ll ask members to sign up for.

The other activities will be vendor booths by our members, performances, demonstrations, among others. Date and final place to be announced.

So for the BAYC, sign up early with this special price: P699 instead of P799. Click here to get a box that you can fill a box with all manner of fresh fruits and vegetables, no weight limit: ___


1. A shopper shall be given one (1) box per booked slot. The size of the box is 12” x 10” x 8”.

2. At the signal, shoppers will be allowed in the BAYC Area in groups of 10 or 20.

3. Shoppers are given ten (10) minutes to box up their choice of produce.

4. Produce has to fit within the dimensions of the box.

5. Shoppers are not allowed to tear off the leaves and stalks of produce.

6. When the time is up, shoppers must proceed to the Checkout Table.

7. Shoppers should be able to push the loaded box through a metal frame installed on top of the Checkout Table.  

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