STICKER SHUCKS 2. Not a Pity Buy or a Rescue Buy. No sad stories. This is a PROUD BUY. Beautiful Supremas from farmer Alona Kalso of Brgy. Oyaw, Dupax del Norte, Nueva Vizcaya. You do not need to buy 20 urgent kilos like before, you need only one perfect Kalabasa for leisurely personal consumption. You need also a RURI STICKER for your laptop, motorcycle or bicycle. Vinyl like the bigger car stickers, water proof, limited number. Declare your love for RuRi farmers loud and proud. Friends will be asking you, “Shucks where’d you get that?”. If you buy a sticker, you’ll get one and one of these stickers plus a whole pumpkin on top. Two to three kilos per pumpkin, this is a good deal for 50 members.

RURI STICKER + PUMPKIN SNAP BUY. We are seeking support for Oyaw Pumpkins, free with the purchase of a RuRi motorcycle/bicycle/laptop sticker. P150 only. Click here

Important Info:

1 Just P150

2 Order link

3 Dispatch date — TBA

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