FIRST CLASS, AAA QUALITY RED SIBUYAS. Directly sourced from farmers in Bongabon and Guimba, Nueva Ecija. (We are working too on helping in Mindoro). No middleman or “harabas” worm has touched these onions. These onions are coming from infestation-free fields, visually inspected by us. We are paying the farmers a lot more than the so-called “farm gate price”. Even then, you cannot find onions of this size and quality at this price — P399 for 4 kilos. Get more than one lot! Together we are brave. Together we shall save.

RED ONIONS— P399 for 4 kilos
Helps Nueva Ecija farmers
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RED ONION SNAP BUY. We are bravely seeking support for 1,000 kilos of freshly-harvested Red Onions. If you give P399, your share if the truck gets back shall be 4 kilos.

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