WE DETOUR FOR CORN. If it’s boiled corn, the people who make it best are the roadside vendor-farmers along the Asingan-Rosales Road in Pangasinan. It’s the PURPLE-WHITE CORN VARIETY. Pre-TPLEX, we would make a 65-kilometer, 2 hour detour from Sison to Carmen via the backroads of Pozorrubio, Binalonan and Asingan. All this time and effort just to snag a pack of corn, because it’s the trip and not the destination and all that. It’s worth it, that’s all we can say. Like I said, all of this was pre-TPLEX and pre-RuRi. Now that we have been traveling purposely now into the countryside, we came back to these farmers with 500-kilo orders. The taste and eating never gets old and we’re quite happy to bring our members Purple-White Corn again.

SNAP BUY: PURPLE WHITE CORN. We are looking for RuRi Members to support a trip to Asingan, Pangasinan with P550 to get a truckload of Purple White Corn. Your share for supporting this is 10 kilos. If you are an FM, get 11 kg.

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