Please will you eat more White Purple Corn rhis week?

AN APPEAL FOR CORN. Somewhere between Angeles and San Fernando, on the NLEX, I had to pull over to write this. If I do not, I will arrive to late for more members to see this. It’s our appeal for a CORN farmer, one whose buyer cancelled on him today, one who is in desperate straits. Andie was running a BAYC in BGC and I was in Camp Mingan on the final day of the farmer medical/dental mission. Between Andie and myself, we had no time or energy to mull over the implications of saying “No”. We just said yes and this is tomorrow taking care of itself. We’re coming to you with a farmer’s WHITE PURPLE CORN. We haven’t had this in awhile. Get it a price you cannot resist, from a grateful farmer we cannot refuse. After I post this, I shall be on the road again to get Andie at BGC. Please will you help us? All the exhanges are here for you to read.

The Corn is in RuRi na. Dispatch tomorrow.

SUPER SALE WHITE PURPLE CORN. We are knocking on your kind hearts on behalf of a distressed farmer. If you give P399, your share of this corn is 6 kilos. SUPER STEAL!

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