TULUNGAN ANG GUINAYANGAN. When life throws you down, you get up. But what do you do when life sits on your chest? You try your best to breath. This was all I can think about when I saw these pictures. Oh, the poor papaya farmers of Guinayangan, Quezon! We feel so much for them right now. It’s bad enough that you cannot make a proper living on what your land gives you but when you lose it all completely like this, what else can you do?

They were so happy last week when the group took 1.5 tons of papaya off their hands. For the first time in months, they said, they made a profit. It was the one time that the jeepney came home empty. Imagine how happy we were to hear that. Imagine how sad we are to see this, the work of Typhoon Quinta. When Guinayangan came under Signal No 3, the farmer were evacuated to town. They came home the next morning to this: homes damaged and trees ruined. A roof you can replace but trees? You can only replant and wait to grow and fruit again. Paano na?

Andie and I, are coming to you for help with an urgent Rescue Buy to help the farmers of Guinayangan. Please will you eat more papayas this week? Some of you told us that you don’t like the taste of papayas. If that is the case, please will you give/gift them away? If the amount of papayas we give you is a lot, please will you split buy with a friend? Whatever you do, will you participate in this Rescue Buy? We’ll help these farmers full on this week. We’ll take as much papaya as they can cram into their jeepney and pay them full price.

Pay 500, get 10 kilos of Guinayangan papayas. We promise they will be freshly harvested and half-ripe—not the ones you see on the ground. They will be delicious and this effort will help them more than you can imagine.

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