P299 na, forever.

FARMERS BASKET LIGHT. We take a good idea and improve it. It’s a realization that not all members can manage 6 kilos of Farmers Baskets. Three kilos is better, they are able to have the vegetable fresher, they can order more often, they pay less. Mama po ba ang realization namin? So starting with next week’s FARMERS BASKET LIGHT W16, we shall give you THREE (3) kilos of mixed vegetables in a MYSTERY BOX, pay only P299.

FARMERS BASKET LITE— P299 for 3 kilos
Helps multiple highland and lowland farmers
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Pay only P299 for a basket full of assorted rescue produce. We will work hard not only to help small farmers but to surprise and amaze you. There will be a limited number of baskets this week, 100 baskets only If this Mystery Basket idea appeals to you, and if it’s P299 you will happily spare to help the farmers and the joy of anticipation, will you purchase one?

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