BANANA FAIRY TALE. A small village called Magleticia in far-off Isabela province is home to thousands of diminutive BANANA trees. These trees were planted by the farmers not for fruit but for shade, to give protection to their pineapple crop. You see, prolonged exposure to heat of the pineapple fruit literally boils them from the inside out, causing “rust” and rejects. To prevent that, the farmers need to provide natural shade and what better than the wide-spreading, elongated leaves of the banana? For this purpose, the farmers chose dwarf trees. Unlike the more-prized Saba Banana trees which grow massively and reach up to 20 feet in height, these trees grow half the size and present no danger to the fragile pineapple plants should they fall during a storm. Here is where the problem comes in — banana trees invariably make bananas and these bananas are neither prized nor preferred by buyers. The farmers are having a hard time selling them and there is an actual oversupply of bananas in Magleticia.

Here is where RuRi comes in — we were able to identify these bananas are NAM WAH BANANAS, a variety that has a rich, sweet vanilla flavor and a thick, silky texture when ripe. Watch the video,Nam Was are the #2 most prized banana in the world. It’s a veritable Cinderella story, the banana edition. How happy the farmers when they told them that from now on, we shall take as many Nam Was as the can give. What an unexpected source of income this is for them.

NAM WAH BANANA GROUP BUY. We are very happy to be able to help our kind and gentle farmers in Echague, and are excited for you to enjoy the vanilla-flavored Nam Wah Bananas. If you share P249, your share shall be 5 kilos.

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