CAVEAT EMPTOR CORN. Louie Lamadrid reached out to us for help with his corn. For all intents and purposes, for being a licensed pharmacist, he has no business growing corn. But this pandemic really does force people to do what they can to survive and for Louie’s career change, it is corn. For all intents and purposes, no one should have any business selling this corn. They are of different sizes and some ears are pest eaten. He has appealed to many buyers but no one would do a deal with him. He is desperate enough to bring himself to Rural Rising to ask for help and honest enough to admit it what’s wrong with his corn. It’s the heat that’s hurt the corn, 45 degrees in Pangasinan for days on end has stunted growth. It’s his use of organic fertilizer that’s failed to keep the worms at bay. For all these reasons, we would like to help him. “To be honest po, may worms.” He says that. For this reason alone, even if no members jumps in to help us with this, we shall help him. 

One time a member remarked in jest that I write “too well” and that the actual produce delivered do not match the descriptions. I replied that different way to look at this is to see the OPPORTUNITY TO HELP as the product and the produce are delightful extras that come with it. If you started looking at it that way, what is promised is delivered 100% every single time. 

Here we are coming to you selling an opportunity to help brave Louie and we promise to deliver 100%. You’ll get 15 KG OFYELLOW CORN if you do so. The younger ones you can “chopseuysify” or steam in butter, delicious. The mature ears boiled or roasted, but tear off the tips as needed, delicious. This opportunity to help will cost P499. This opportunity is not for everyone. Caveat Emptor. Having said that, will you still help?

This is Louie. Please listen to what he has to say. And this is his corn. We hope with our hearts that you would find the heart to help. 

We are looking for Rural Rising Members to buy an opportunity to help a young and honest corn farmer in Bayambang, Pangasinan. If you give P499, we shall be happy to give you 15 kilos of mixed sized yellow corn. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. 

What you need to do:

1 Pay P499

2 Get Order Num here

3 No need to post Order Number but shout “GOT IT!”

Important Notes:

1 Dispatch date Sunday June 26, 2021

2 Available at RuRi House 

3 Give Order Number when claiming produce

4 RuRi House address: 72 Maayusin Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City 

5 Be a Founder Member so we can always give you extra vegetables and happiness

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