ME MERURI TAMPIPI. This is the much-awaited MERURI CHRISTMAS TAMPIPI! Every year, RuRi puts this together, a carefully curated variety of rare or special produce from all over Luzon, the best from the most grateful. To be honest, you need never bother with a gift card, the contents is already the loving message. It speaks of you, all the love you gave to distressed farmers, all the many Rescue Buys you participated in distilled into one final package of hope and celebration.

What’s inside will make you think twice about giving it away, you would like to keep it for yourself. Order two? Click here _

~ Andie’s annual No Label Strawberry Jam (NLSJ)
– Besao’s Linuklukot Sugar
– Mang Juanito’s Tablea made less sweet
– Dingalan’s Dumagat Honey
– Kabayan’s Comising Whole Bean Coffee
– Sta. Rita’s Organic Salted Duck Eggs
– Sto. Domingo’s Brown Rice
– Ben’s Organic Glutinous Black Rice
– Strawberry / Sweet Melon / Watermelon / other fruit

PACKAGING: A tampipi made from palm leaves by our Luisiana maglalalas, wrapped in clear plastic, secured by red/green Rural Rising ribbons. We’ll use sinamay of we can source it.

PRICE: P1,499 only. 199 lots only.

DELIVERY DATE: Before December 25, 2023.

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