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RARE RED EDIBLE VELVET . Meet Reynan Batralo of Brgy. Gibanga, Sariaya Quezon. And what he is holding are MABOLO fruits. They call them “talang” in the local dialect, but we much prefer the the fancy English name that describes it better. VELVET APPLE. It is called that because the skin looks and feels like velvet, thin and papery. You would have to peel it before eating. The flesh under this velvet is white, firm and mealy like an overripe apple. It is moist but not juicy. The taste has caused it to be described as a banana-flavored apple. Many of us who are old enough to have awesome provincial childhoods have many fond memories of this fruit. And we are sure that many of you had not had Mabolo in years, if not decades.

Reynan’s Velvet Apples are the SEEDED kind. This is what they looked like sliced and served on a plate. He has 100 kilos to sell on two trees and we shall take all of them. These Velvet Apples are different from the seedless variety, way different. You get seeds of a very rare fruit, this is already enough reason to buy some.

GROUP BUY: VELVET APPLES. We are looking for Rural Rising members to join a Group Buy in Sariaya, Quezon for Seeded Velvet Apples. Pay P900 for 5 kilos. Founder Members get 6 kilos.

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