THE CAMP THAT LISBON LEMONS BUILT. We are building Camp Mingan around these LISBON LEMONS. These lemons you cannot find anywhere growing in Luzon except somewhere in Tarlac and soon in four acres of chilly foothills of Mt. Mingan in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija. These lemons are the reason why Founder Members are applying to join us at Camp Mingan, to be able to own one of these lemon trees. Lisbon Lemons are seedless so they only way to propagate them is by marcotting. But with marcotting you need 3~4 years of your life before you see the first lemon. The solution is balling, basically uprooting the whole tree and moving it to its new home. We’re starting to do that, to transport a whole orchard of 200 trees and move them to a cooler climate with free-flowing water. Here they will prosper better and produce more lemons.

Back to the LISBON LEMONS! We have just squeezed 7 bottles of LISBON LEMON JUICE. Do you know that it takes two kilos of Lisbon Lemons to make one bottle? Just 7 bottles, that’s all we can spare. We added sugar because sugar is a sweetener. Available at RuRi House this afternoon.

We are looking for 7 members to get a taste of tart and refreshing LISBON LEMON JUICE and pay only P250. Lucky is the member who gets one of these.

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