LEAFY BASKET W7. Inspired by the leaf-roaring success of previous baskets, we bring you LEAFY BASKET W7. This is how many ways you love RuRi, let us count the ways. One, CHINGKANG. Two, MUSTARD. Three, GREEN ICE. Four, ROMAINE. It’s four leafy superstars in unequal volumes, 4 KG TOTAL. It’s helping a dozen farmers in La Trinidad, Benguet. You may not be familiar with the vegetables or the villages, but surely you are already familiar with the idea of helping by buying. Leafy Basket to help the organic and GAP farmers of Benguet starts now at W7. Be the start of the RuRi Green Revolution.

LEAFY BASKET W7 — P349 for 4 kilos
Helps La Trinidad, Benguet farmers

LEAFY BASKET W7 SNAP BUY. We are seeking your kind support for freshly-harvested green leafy vegetables and a dozen farmers from Lan Trinidad, Benguet. If you help with P349, your share shall be 4 kilos of Chingkang, Mustard, Green Ice and Romaine Lettuce. Click here __

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