KAMOTE DOUBLE RESCUE. A young woman with a baby came to Camp Mingan offering to sell KAMOTE. She and her husband found out that we were looking to buy Kamote and they loaded 300 kilos onto a rented kolong-kolong. What happens when the cargo is heavier than the vehicle carrying it? It breaks down of course. Now we have to not only rescue the kolong-kolong from where it died on the road but also buy all the Kamote on it. Never mind that we have no buyers for the Kamote, but isn’t that the whole point of helping? We paid this couple their price, gave their baby some diapers left-over from a previous donation drive and gave money for the repair of the oolong-oolong. It’s your turn now, please will you take some Double Rescue Kamotes?

RESCUE BUY: KAMOTE. We are looking for a few Rural Rising members to buy some Rescue Kamote and pay only P399 for 10 kilos.

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