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JAPANESE WATERMELONS. A Japanese expat friend swears that this is exactly the sweet and seedless variety grown by his countrymen in square boxes and sold at exorbitant prices, sometimes up to $200 per piece. Japanese farmers do this for two very practical reasons. One, square watermelons can be stacked for transport. Two, they fit better in small refrigerators in small apartments. Back here in the Philippines, we grow watermelons for taste, and this is the best there is. Each watermelon is no more than two kilos in size. It’s as big and sweet as they get, yet they have reached full sized. You will not have a problem fitting them in your refrigerator or finishing them in one sitting. From our farmers of Echague, with their round (not square) seedless watermelons, they say “Konnichiwa”.

JAPANESE WATERMELON SNAP BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members who would like to give these round, not square, seedless watermelons a go. If you share P499, we shall be happy to give you 5 kilos.

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