MAGENTA MAGANDA. We’ve just entered into a new Growth Buy agreement with some Pangasinan farmers who were affected by Typhoon Maring. CORN. Exactly 67 days to wait. And not just any corn, we had them plant a special variety called MAGENTA. Smaller than the Black Corn we all love, but with bigger and sweeter kernels. Suntok sa buwan? You can say that. Anything bad can happen in the next 65 days—flood or pestilence. Or something good can happen—the corn will grow, we get to enjoy beautiful corn and the farmers have the best Christmas.
This is a call for members to participate in a Growth Buy. Put some money and some hope on our farmers, get your hopeful corn in 65 days. Today is October 20 and they will start planting NOW. Exactly 65 days later is Christmas Day!

Will you share P1,000 and in return get at least 10 kilos of Magenta Corn, surely more if Santa Claus and the child Jesus smiles favorably on us.

GROWTH BUY: MAGENTA CORN. We are looking for Rural Rising members who would like to participate in a Christmas Harvest of Magenta Corn. The price if P1,000 for at least 10 kilos.

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