We pulled the trigger on a Growth Buy for WHITE MAGENTA CORN. The farmers call it “Pabuto”.. What does it mean? We bought him three bags of seeds, and agreed to pay for farm inputs and irrigation. We so wanted them to plant the native corn variety but the seed corn is impossible to find. This is the best thing after that, very sweet and sticky, Andie’s absolute favorite. We made the decision to help this farmer family not so much for the corn but as as way to help them recover from a failed tobacco harvest. (“Hindi na mapapakinabangan”.) With this, we are looking at a harvest in 67 days time. The seeds were put to the ground last week, so we’ll start counting. This is our very own corn. If you buy this, you can get it cheaper and you are directly helping this farmer family. The son’s name is Jomark and his mother beside him is Leonida, residents of Laoac, Pangasinan. The father, Diosdado, is not in the video.

GROWTH BUY WHITE MAGENTA CORN. Buy corn at a discount, help a farmer family directly.
The price is P499 for 7 kilos. STEAL! This price will increase as the day of the harvest nears. Make your “investment” now.

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