FROM US TUYO. There are 20 bottles of NO LABEL TUYO at Rural Rising. It uses diced carrots because we need to move carrots for the farmers, and carrots make tuyo taste better. You’ll need SALTED EGGS with that, we’ll include a 12 PIECES. You’ll need some vegetables with that, we’ll give you rescue TOMATOES or rescue RED LETTUCE with that.

So there, quality TUYO, quality SALTED EGGS and some vegetables on the side. If you were able to get some of that excellent Pinawa Brown Rice from Fidel, or some of that lovely table from Mang Juanito, GOD HELP YOU.

Pay only P449.

This effort helps the fisherfolk producers of Roxas City where there is an abundance of dried fish products but a shortage of buyers. Bottling the tuyo moves the product and gives jobs to “flakers” and cooks.

This effort helps the farmers. We moves their carrots, an ingredient not normally found in bottled tuyo.

Buy 1 lot: 1 bottle of Tuyo, half tray of Salted Eggs and free vegetables, for just P449.

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