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EXCELLENT SUCCULENT. In our last trip to Gusaran, in Kabayan, we told the farmers that if they looked around their houses, they would see things that they can sell to RuRi. We mentioned passion fruits, labong, pomelos and “kahit mga succulents, bumibili kami”. These 50 pots that the women of Gusaran gathered to sell to us in the hopes of making an extra income is a happy result of our statement that we will buy what they can sell so they can make some extra income for their families. We looked at the price of Crab Cacti on Shopee, they’re not cheap. We’d be very happy for you to have these at HALF THE PRICE in order to help these hopeful farmers. May your new succulents decorate your work- and home spaces excellently, and make you smile very widely. This effort reminds us of the time we helped a Gabaldon Gardener named Edgar and we called the effort “Edgarden”.

CRAB CACTUS SNAP BUY. We are happy to take these farmers ladies’ succulents so they can make extra income, so you can make your home extra cozy.

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