MIXED CARROTS, MIXED FEELINGS. Sorry if this is going short. Feeling worried about what is happening in Camp Mingan right now. This is an appeal for our members to help the CARROT farmers. They are appealing for help for their upcoming harvest on Friday. If you remember we went to Kabayan a month ago and worked with the farmers there. The Carrots we were not able to take that day were brought down to Nueva Vizcaya. They were never sold, the farmers found no buyers, the carrots were dumped along the side of the road. So many tons, so many farmers, so much food waste, it made us guilty for failing to buy it all. We still have mixed feelings about that “failure”, it sometimes makes us sad. This Friday February 02, we would like to take it all. PALASPASAN, which means we take the big ones, the medium ones and the ones they call “lumpia”. Five kilos of mixed carrots, P299 na lang, please understand why we shall urge you all to make a strong effort for our Carrot farmers this week. Click here __

Important Note: The offer if for MIXED CARROTS. This means that the carrots will be of different sizes (big and medium) and different shapes (smooth, twins and cracked), with a guarantee of fresh harvest. I am sorry but if you prefer your Carrot to be perfect, DO NOT click here __

MIXED CARROTS — P299 for 5 kilos
Helps Buguias, Benguet farmers

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HAPPY NEW TEARS. Yesterday, this young farmer from Buguias was hoping we can come to her family’s aid but our hands are tied. The people left at the branches are only there only to turn the lights on and off. No drivers, no dispatchers. We went to the farms in Kabayan and we could not say yes to all of the lovely CARROTS they harvested. The farmers there, excited for our coming, were disappointed when we said we could not buy. They were brought to the Nueva Vizcaya Agricultural Terminal (NVAT) where we are informed that the truck is still there this morning. Puno pa, 24 hours na, “sleep” na, they are failing to find buyers. Bagong taon, dating problema, bagong luha.

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