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PLEASE WILL YOU EAT OR JUICE MORE CARROTS THIS WEEK?When a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound? If a farmer throws away his produce and it did not make the news, did it happen? We are here to make sure that you know. Here is Jake, a farmer from Pipingew, Tinoc, Ifugao. He will tell us in his own words how tragedy befell his carrots. He commuted to Rural Rising Baguio this morning to seek help, to find courage, for tomorrow when he’ll harvest what remains of the carrots. He admitted to us his fear that he won’t find buyers again, that he will have to take him carrots home agin. Have you seen the video? A farmer burying his produce is like a parent burying his child. To do it twice in a row, what an injustice, what is the pain limit your heart can take?

We shall take his carrots. We shall help Jake.

CARROT RESCUE BUY. We are seeking support to save 2 tons of PIPINGEW CARROTS. If you give P399, your share from this Rescue Buy shall be 10 kilos. Like the lemons this morning, we are praying for your strong support for this, dear RuRi.

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