CARAMBA CARAMBOLA! A group of farmers from Nagcarlan, Laguna approached us for help today. We were quite delighted to find out that they were offering CARAMBOLA, also known as BALIMBING, also known as STAR FRUIT. We were actually looking for a source of this exceptionally special fruit, and like a prayer answered, here they are. Carambola is the next super-fruit” for having exceptionally high levels of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, offering far-reaching health benefits and protection against common colds, heart conditions, diabetes and cancers. It’s a dieter’s fruit too. You can munch this fruit with a pinch of salt in every bite, or juice it. We once tasted it as a souring agent for sinigang, it was an unforgettable meal.

This are the farmers and the Balimbing trees that they will harvest for us.

SNAP BUY: CARAMBOLA. We are looking for RuRi Members to support a truck to Nagcarlan, Laguna with P499. Your share is 3 kilos. FMs please take 3.5 kilos.

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