MEETING THE GRIN REAPER. While working with a mountain climbing group for the mapping of the trails leading from Camp Mingan to the summit of Mt. Mingan, I met a cool young mountaineer. It was not the dreadlocks that impressed me but the fact that he was toting a small vial of powdered CALIFORNIA REAPERS, two Million Scoville units. He allowed me to try and those few grains that I sprinkled on my plate and ate with trepidation were the most beautiful things on my tongue. It made the food I was eating, which was fish, taste so many, many times better. I am happy to inform everyone that I am able to get a few of that stuff and get to have the same experience. I cannot stop grinning, I feel very lucky to get a few containers like this that I have in my hand. Made with these peppers marked with white. It’s not cheap, it’s not for everyone but you really need only very little to have a good meal, and if you husband it, it will last a long, long time. This is going to be the best thing you can buy today.

DRY HOT POWDER — P799 for 1 canister

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DRY HOT POWDER SNAP BUY. We are happy to offer DRY HOT POWDER made specially for us by a spice farmer. If you give P799, you shall get 1 canister, lasts forever. Click here

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