SIGH. We insisted they not cut the branches to harvest the BUGNAY but they had to because of the ants. Big red angry ants. We have to understand.

Back read the story:

TREAT TREES WITH RESPECT, LIKE YOUR MOTHER. Following last week’s fiasco with the BUGNAY (Re: The tree owner could not climb the tree so he decided to cut down major branches to get at the fruit!), we gave specific, specific instructions to harvest the fruit properly or else no sale. We must respect the tree as a living thing, right? We were very delighted this morning to learn that there are five Bugnay trees growing in Brgy. Ambalo, Bagabag town in Nueva Vizcaya. Fruit laden! Rich purple colored now, black and sugar-rich on Monday. Almost as big as the tiniest grape, and you can eat them the same way but with much more enjoyment. Make into wine too, if that’s your preference.

GROUP BUY: BUGNAY. We are looking for Rural Rising Members to collectively buy as many kilos as five Bugnay trees can provide. Get 5 kilos for P501. FMs get an extra half-kilo of Bugnays. Enjoy, everyone.

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