NEW PRODUCT DISCOVERY ALERT. In their hour of need, normally shy and reticent Benguet strawberry farmers are coming out to offer us normally impossible to get varieties of strawberries. These cuties are called “Baby Strawberries”, from a cultivar called HONEYOYE. We were offered some 100 kilos, and we took them without a second thought. These are quite rare, we’ve been told. In fact we’ve never once encountered them before in the Baguio Public market, and we are life-long Baguio residents. We’re excited to taste these, I think two kilos would be delight enough. The rest are yours, if you are able to get them.

BABY STRAWBERRY SNAP BUY. We are happy for our members to delight in an especially cute kind of Strawberry. Two (2) kilos, yours for P499. Do enjoy.

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