ANSARAP ATSARA. We’ll not tell you how good this PICKLED PAPAYA (ATSARA) is. Atsara is atsara, just about anyone can make it, correct? We’ll tell you however that this ATSARA was made by our RURI EGG farmers. Anyone can make salted eggs, correct? WRONG. What are the chances that these just might be one of the best Atsara you can ever have, if not THE best, because it was made by the best salted egg you’ve ever had? And we’re going to call this the RURI ATSARA. We’ll leave it at that. Thirty one members to be made happy.

RURI ATSARA SNAP BUY. Made by the loving hands of our RuRi Egg farmers, the new RURI ATSARA. You will love this. Two bottles, 1 big and 1 small, P299.

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