YOURS, OUR PRECIOUS LISBON LEMON TREE. As you know we planted fruit trees in RuRi House’s garden patch and the most coveted of them all is the SEEDLESS LISBON LEMON TREE. It’s a treasure the ex-Helicopter pilot turned farmer, something he gave to us in a moment of weakness (or tenderness). Too precious that when members ask if they could have a cutting, we say we want to let it grow a bit more. Too precious that when we vacate RuRi House, we’ll leave all the trees here — Mabolo, Lamias, Guyabano, Rambutan, Calamansi, etc — except the Lisbon Lemon Tree. We planned to relocate it to Camp Mingan where it would grow and burst into fruit in the Gabaldon sunshine but the transport cost is making us think twice. This morning a member asked if she could have a cutting and if we said yes, this means we will have to give in to everyone who asked to have a cutting and we’ll end up with a poor dead tree hacked to pieces. Haha. SO WE’LL JUST GIVE YOU THE TREE.

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