WE CAUGHT ELUSIVE YELLOW. We are pleased to get YELLOW DRAGONFRUIT which they say is the sweetest of all dragonfruit varieties. The big difference between this variety and the more-common pink Dragonfruit is the translucent white inside flesh. They also say it is a more effective natural laxative than the red-skinned, red-fleshed variety. Surely it’s the slightly-bigger seeds which softens stool and acts like a sponge to carry cholesterol out of the body. With almost 5 grams of soluber fiber for every six-ounce serving, dragon fruits, particularly the Yellow variety, is getting touted as the best new “detox” for your body. This is the hardest variety to find — the cuttings coming from Ecuador or elsewhere in Central/South America — and we believe. We managed to get only 40 kilos, that’s all we’ll get this season.

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