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YAKON RESCUE BUY. It is within our humble power to help this farmer from Barlig, Mt. Province. They are appealing for us to buy their Yakon (Peruvian Ground Apple) harvest. Hindi siya marami, just 300 kilos. They want only a return on their labor and the monthly payment of the land. What?! Ganun na talaga ang farming ngayun. What kind of livelihood is this? What kind of life does that make? We would like to pay these farmers the price they are asking and add more. Can our members help us help them by taking some yakon? The excess yakon you are unable to take, we shall donate to hospital patients on Monday. As it happens, we happen to have a truck there now, so we shall do it. Please dear members, who of you would like to help? (If you don’t know what yakon is, please do a Google search and be surprised about its health benefits)
So, it’s on, the YAKON RESCUE BUY. For helping us help, your share in this Rescue is 15 KG OF YAKON FOR 999.

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