Wombok Rescue


WOMBOK RESCUE BUY. You’ve all seen that heart-breaking video of the farmer who chopped up his fully mature crop of wombok (Chinese cabbage). We’re going to take the group to do a WOMBOK RESCUE BUY in Benguet. We believe we can do a lot of good there and we would like to refocus our energies on this.

ABOUT THIS NEW RESCUE BUY: Andie and I, we are almost afraid to do this Rescue Buy. We know wombok to be an exquisite and fragile produce. It will stand the Manila heat just two days, then starts deteriorating. We’ll get only what is ordered. We pray that our group will get enough to make an impact in Benguet. Please ill you send for or fetch your share on Saturday and Sunday? These womboks, they will be of the very best quality when they arrive, we promise. You will have to be very quick, will you promise?

So if everyone is good with this, the WOMBOK RESCUE BUY IS ON!

RESCUE BUY: 20 kg of freshly-harvested wombok from the farmers of Benguet. PAY ONLY 501 PESOS.

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