We’re going to do another WHOLE LABONG RUN. The Labong will come from the farmers of Brgy. Gibanga, Sariaya, Quezon, the same farmers who gave us Labong the last time. This time we shall insist for them to give us only Labongs that are below 2 feet. Some of the Labong they gave us are taller than that. Not only was it more expensive to ship (heavier) but some parts of it are bitter na (matured). The smaller and younger Labongs are sweeter and softer. We shall take only that. See the difference in taste compared to the Labong you buy minced and packed. Worlds away. Don’t be daunted by the work of processing a Labong. It’s easier than you think and when you are done, you have so much Labong to do so many things with. Cook it many different ways (adobo, dinengdeng or Ginataan) and still have a lot left for atsara.

The Whole Labong is P250. The Whole Labong is hard to find and you have. The Whole Labong will directly help these farmers. For these three reason, the Whole Labong is a BARGAIN.

GROUP BUY: WHOLE LABONG. We are looking for Rural Rising members to join a Group Buy in Sariaya, Quezon for Whole Labong. Pay P250 for 1 whole Labong.

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