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RADISH WISH. Remember that farmer couple from Bakun who came to Calle Uno to donate their unwanted harvest of White Radishes? We ended up helping them by buying their radishes and given them boxes of food. This week, we are going to make an effort to help another farmer with his White Radishes. Wish you could join us.

THEY GROW IT TO DONATE IT. These Bakun farmers, Aga and Dayan and their young son, came to RuRi HQ in Baguio with a truckload of white radishes. Not to sell but to donate, they said, because they are unable to sell it, because so many other farmers were selling the same thing at the same place, because the system of agriculture is so broken in this country. Goddammit. Last season, it was Wombok, they made no money out of that too because the monsoon rains killed their crop. This truckload of radishes is 10,000 pesos they won’t see. Last season’s harvest was 80,000 pesos they never recovered. How are they still smiling?! Aga and Dayan are still here at Calle Uno. We gave them plastic bags to pack their radish donation, so they can stay here longer. I asked our cook to prepare something for them to eat. If we can’t send them out with the 10,000 pesos they need to recover their cost for this truck, at least we’ll send them out with a meal in their stomaches. I am hoping that this also buys me time to write this and to post this. Perhaps you would like to help? Perhaps you would like to give something to them, any amount you like, and we’ll give you some of their radishes? Oh, to be a farmer now, you would not wish this fate on an enemy. If it’s not the difficulties of COVID, it’s the difficulties of selling the produce. Months of work and precious capital, and the only thing you get out of it when bad luck strikes–and it strikes often!–is the dubious “satisfaction” of donating it. God bless these farmers, is the only thing we can say over and over again, but He does not seem to be listening.

RESCUE BUY WHITE RADISHES. We are looking for Rural Rising members to help us help a distressed White Radish farmer from Benguet. If you contribute P280, we shall give you 7 kilos as your share of for helping.

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