BOGO: DIFFUN UBE and BINTONG. We managed, our first time to do so, to get some excellent ube from the Ifugao farmers of Brgy. Dumanisi in Diffun town, Quirino. Such a very exotic-sounding name. It gives absolutely no clue about how difficult it is for the farmers to get their produce out. Our truck can’t get too far in in the thick mud to get the ube, never mind turning back loaded and getting out. The farmers have to drive out to hard ground to where our truck is using tractors—that’s how difficult. So while we only ordered 50 kilos, we felt that we had to take everything they had to sell after we learned this. 220 kilos exactly.
Watch this video to see the unbelievable road conditions in and out Diffun. Let us share with you our chat with our driver regarding these ubes.

Let’s do an BOGO DIFFUN UBE AND BINTONG. We believe that you members have been waiting so long for ube, and last week’s 40 kilos of “Nawawalang Ube” from the Dumagats came and went so fast, very few people noticed.

BOGO DIFFUN UBE AND BINTONG: Buy 5 kilos of Ube, get 1 kilo of Bintong FREE. This ube and Bintong comes from our Ifugao brothers and sisters in Brgy. Dumanisi in Diffun town, Quirino. We are looking for 42/43 few Rural Rising members to get 5 kilos of Ube, pay only P495. Everyone—FMs and everyone who orders—gets 1 kilo of BINTONG free! An offer that comes rarely, do hurry. We have enough ube to go around for 42, max 43, members only.

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