TANKAN HEIRLOOM ORANGES. RARE! What we have here is the “darling of tangerines” the TANKAN ORANGE which likely originated from Yakushima, Japan and grown in the mountains of Nueva Vizcaya. Just 200 kg, now here at RuRi House, these will go very fast. Rare. Our first time to taste this ourselves. Very highly recommended. If I were to choose from all the oranges that we have encountered so far here at Rural Rising, this would be my favourite.

So what is a Tankan? Cross a tangerine (hand-peelable) and a navel (sweet), that’s a Tankan. Google says they have twice the vitamin C of regular oranges, which is perfect for fighting off this demon flu. Two ways to eat it: slice and juice, or peel and snack.

Comparisons with oranges you have had so far from Rural Rising: As sweet as Sagada and Kalinga oranges, as juicy as navel oranges and as peelable as ponkans

So SNAP BUY: 7KG OF TANKAN ORANGES for 1000. First members to say “MINE” and send proof of payment gets it. Sale is final when you say “MINE”. Proof of payment expected immediately.

25 LOTS ONLY. Don’t think twice.

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