TABLEA TOPIC # 2. We had this tablea on our adlai champorado at the farm in Batangas, and it was quite unforgettable. Watch the video and see what we mean. See the common comments by our members—should
you be trying this to see the fuss?This tablea is the real deal. Some cocoa you get from unverified sources, they add brown powder to replace up to 50% of the cocoa. If you are really unlucky, you don’t get even that but coloured flour.

What makes this tablea special? It is sourced from two farmers, one from Talisay City, Batangas, the other from Mangatarem, Pangasinan. By some lucky accident, when we blended them, the two contrasting qualities of the beans complement each other perfectly, giving us a especially rich tablea. Tablea so rich and thick that you can make a spoon float on top of it, the way the Spanish do to “test” their chocolate. This is the HIGHEST QUALITY tablea you can buy. Perfect fo the coming New Years celebrations.

So SNAP BUY, 5 ROLLS OF TABLEA CHOCOLATE, pay only P700. (previous price, P800). Only 10 lots available. First members to say “MINE” and send proof of payment gets it. Sale is final when you say “MINE”. Proof of payment expected immediately.

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