GIANT SWEET MELONS SALE. Andie has to be honest and say she is not as happy with these SOLAR SWEET MELONS as she is with the sweeter Mega Melons. I don’t disagree but these are good enough for me! I am happy. They’re sweet enough now, sweeter if we waited a couple more days. They’re big, the biggest melons we have ever seen actually—2.5 kilos per piece. We learned that a bigger melon—and watermelon too—is sweeter because it had the benefit of fertilizer. “Sagana sa pataba.” Some members will like, and even love these melons, especially if the goal is to help the farmers of Bayambang, Pangasinan.

SNAP BUY BAYAMBANG SWEET MELONS. We are looking for just twenty Rural Rising members to buy 5 kilos of Bayambang Sweet Melons and pay only P510. If you are a Founder Member, we are happy for you to get more than 5 kilos.

Would you like to be the first to try?

1 Pay P510

2 Upload proof of payment here

3 If it does not upload, copy-pasting the link onto your browser usually works

4 Shout “GOT IT!” to show where we are

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Weight 5 kg


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