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STRAWBERRY RESCUE #2. We are thinking to send Beto back to Benguet to do a second STRAWBERRY run. Tuesday, oh that will be tomorrow na. We’ll work out the logistics of going directly to Madaymen. Dispatch will be Wednesday, 28 July. Will you support this?

Two kilos of King’s Berry Strawberries in a box, pay only P1,299.

STRAWBERRY RECUE BUY. We’re going to help two groups of strawberry farmers who have approached us for help. We’re hoping you would have our back on this—walang orders from the group but we’ll take strawberries anyway. Our commitment will be for 100 kilos, possibly 200 kilos if we get enough offers to help.
The first group is asking us to take Sweet Charlies from the Strawberry Fields now deluged by the incessant rain. (See picture) The second group is asking us to take their King’s Berries which they are having difficulty finding buyers coming to the mountain trails of Madaymen in Kbungan, Benguet. These strawberries will be of mixed-sizes (mostly big) harvested hurriedly as you can imagine as the weather and the conditions got worse. The smallest Sweet Charlies we shall take for jam, the biggest one’s we’ll offer to whoever wants them. It’s the King Berries we’ll need help with. The trip from Madaymen to Baguio is now only for the bravest or the most desperate. At Sitio Daycung, a landslide closed off the road completely so the farmers are forced to make a circuitous detour to Sitio Masala and then the Halsema Highway. (See picture) It’s a highway that’s internationally recognized as one of the most dangerous in the world. That’s not quite the problem—most of La Trinidad town’s roads are under water so we’ll have to meet the farmers on the road, as far as they and we can go. (See picture) The Madaymen King Berries look like this.(See video) We cannot imagine that we would ever be declaring something like this but yes, this is a STRAWBERRY RESCUE BUY.

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