NO STRAWBERRY LEFT BEHIND. So what happened last night was that we put the RuRi Boys to sleep. We felt they no longer had the energy to sort through 100 kilos of overripe strawberries. We did not want to wait ’til morning so we thought to give it away to the first member who was willing to stay up and do something useful with them, but first he/she had to say “Mine!” and to send a heart emoji. That member was TEI CUESTA. As it turns out, Tei owns a big bread and pastry shop. As it turns out she also has a big heart. Of the 100 kilos, she kept only 10 kilos for herself and the 90 kilos she gave away to street sweepers and balut vendors in a nearby depressed community. Tei and her staff then proceeded to convert the strawberries into breads, what a winner they turned out to be. I told you Tei has a big heart, she has come back today to give us the following breads from her shop. Not just strawberry-based breads but many different kinds of breads as well.

Here is the list:

2 strawberry bread box of 10 pcs sir

2 flower strawberry bread box of 10 pcs

2 toasted siopao box of 10 pcs

2 ham and cheese box of 10 pcs

2 ube cheese box of 10 pcs.

My goodness, this is a Bread and Pastry showcase! What Andie and I would like to do is to run a RAFFLE for this bread and pasty bonanza and whatever it generates, we shall return it to the farmers, for the losses they have sustained during this ongoing strawberry overproduction. The winner of this bread and pastry showcase will now have the power to do good with it, to feed many hungry people. Oh, we cannot wait for the pictures to come out. Who can imagine that our decision to simply give away overripe strawberries would put in motion a chain reaction of goodness? What a winner group this is.

STRAWBERRY BREAD AND PASTRY RAFFLE. Give P100 to get one slot with a high possibility of winning above Strawberry Bread and Pastry Showcase. Buy two slots to double your chances of winning. More sana because all proceeds of this will go back to the farmers. One winner takes all, how exciting! Draw will be done tomorrow.

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