DOMINGO’S HEIRLOOM AVOCADOS. How apt the name they gave this town, Villa Verde, translated as “green or fertile estate”. This is where we found out about the seedless avocado. How surprised Andie and I were to see our members go crazy over two photos yesterday. It was like watching a count-up timer on the reactions (flick, flick, flick, it’s 600 now and still flicking), the flood of comments (close to 100 now), and dozens of private messages asking if they can have a seedling of this avocado. Obviously you guys like avocados, especially the weird looking ones. So the answer is “Yes, we are happy to give.” But the question is “Are you willing to wait?”

THE STORY OF THESE SEEDLINGS. The way unique citrus orange varieties are propagated in Nueva Vizcaya, or anywhere else for that matter, requires dedication and half the years you have left in this life. This is not something you dial in today and receive in a convenient package within 48 hours—or your money back. Through a process of selective elimination in between long periods of waiting—months, even years—that final variety with all the desired qualities shines on the bush like Eden’s bright golden apple. Sweet plus juicy, sweet plus an extra-ordinary resistance to pests, sweet and fast-growing, or bless the hand that is able to do it, all of the above. While some families pass on jewels and diamonds to the next generation as a symbol of patriarchal foresight and assiduousness, farmer families pass on that one special variety of fruit to the next generation. A treasured family heirloom to be guarded close. THE FARMER FAMILY. That thing with oranges, the Umali family, incredibly did with avocados. I mean, oranges you can improve on but avocados? It’s perfect, fruit God’s sake, what is there to improve on? Well the late Domingo Umali, a public school teacher, had this brilliant idea one day in 1960 to create the perfect avocado. With no formal training in agriculture, living in a time when Googol was a numeric term and not a search engine, he taught himself grafting first by working with easy calamansi and later with the more challenging mango. This weird, wonderful avocado was his life’s work, completed towards the end. Fruits are long like cucumbers (“the better to scoop you up, my dear”), fruit sweet like there’s honey in there (“the better to diet with you, my dear”), ond fruit that’s extra maligat (viscous), because why not, right dear? Domingo succeeded in putting these three qualities together after several attempts over several decades—and he managed a fourth, final, fantastic quality that makes this variety truly inheritable.

TWO YEARS TO FRUIT after he hands it to you, guaranteed. Because we all cannot live or wait forever, can we? This is the avocado of avocados! CAN YOU WAIT A LITTLE BIT THOUGH? The next generation Umali family, Domingo’s son Noel and his daughter May-an, have graciously agreed to make a limited number of grafts on a few of their patriarch’s mother trees. The agreeing—it took some talking at first—is actually the easy part. The next quarter of months are the difficult ones, because you will have to wait—and because the Umalis have to carefully nurture the avocados from “graftling” to seedling, two repottings involved, through three hot summer months. I am sure that some of you talented home gardeners are tempted to take your seedlings now and survive them yourselves, most welcome. But for the rest of us, I highly recommend otherwise. All good things, including amazing seedless avocados, come to those who are willing to wait. The Umalis can make only 30 “graftlings”, max 50. Do make up your mind now so you’ll have a pot with your name on it at the end of this.

So a GROUP BUY FOR SEEDLESS AVOCADO SEEDLINGS, this is what this is. Get a SEEDLESS AVOCADO seedling for your own next generation in three months time, pay only P1,000. If you’ll do P2,000, we’ll get you an extra seedling. Three seedlings total, guaranteed they will survive, guaranteed they will push our fruit in two years—or your money back times 2.

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