SNAP BUY FOR QUEER EGGS. What we have here are thirty boxes of QUEER EGGS. Have you ever seen or tasted “Itlog na Pugo na ginawang Itlog na Maalat”? This is exactly what they are. A great dinner table conversation starter. A great holiday give-away. A big help to a hard-working and inventive quail egg farmer.

This is is his story: Our quail egg farmer is a former OFW who worked as a helper cook in the UAE. When his contract ended in late 2019, he invested his savings on a few beds of quail. In the morning he would gather, boil and pack the quail eggs and hop on passing passenger buses. If you used to travel between Manila and the northern provinces, you would have probably seen him. This father of two was able to replace his lost income, all was going well, then this terrible COVID. All of a sudden there are no buses to hop on and no passengers to sell to. Even now when the COVID restrictions are partially lifted and some buses are running again, vendors like him are understandably not allowed to get on. We’re not revealing this earnest man’s identity as per his request. We are however going to help him sell his Queer Eggs at a fair price to all.

So SNAP BUY, 100 pieces of Queer Eggs (1 box), pay only 500. Comes with a free pandan leaf basket to also help the weavers of Luisiana, Laguna. Twenty lots only.

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