SAGADA CORNUCOPIA. I’ll stop sneaking Andie’s phone for what the farmers are telling her, but not me, of what might arrive. May phobia daw ang farmers sa akin because I always want them to tell me the exact kilos of each item coming. Of course di ba, how can I write it if I do not have details. Today, I think I shall make life easier for myself and the farmers by simply offering a SAGADA CORNUCOPIA.

The farmers say they have SAGADA ORANGES, KUMQUAT, TAMARILLO, MANZANITAS and PERSIMMONS. In the neighborhood of 150 kilos, they say. Sige, wonderful, perfect. Let’s make 37 lots of 4 mixed kilos from that. Price is P999, and members who get will be happy. Click here __

SAGADA CORNUCOPIA SNAP BUY. Enough for just 37 members, 4 mixed kilos of the best bounty of Sagada, Mountain Province. We’d like to ask for P999 in exchange for 4 kilos.

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4 mixed kilos of Sagada Oranges, Kumquat, Tamarillo, Mazanitas, and Persimmons

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Weight 4 kg


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