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We have become certain now of what we want to do with Rural Rising. Last night, traveling back to Manila, it has come together in our minds and our hearts. We had to stop and cry. All these months, the pieces to make a minimum viable product (MVP) have come in.

1. A very passionate, very involved group of 10,000
2. Dozens of farmers who are looking to us for assistance, even hope
3. Our personal willingness to do this long-term

What else do we need except to go ahead do it? To start imperfectly, to improve and improvise in the day-to-day execution, to repeat, and to scale.

Our VISION is for poor farmers and farm laborers to work under Rural Rising to receive a monthly wage and government-mandated benefits. They shall work what land they have to grow crops that we need or want. We’ll start with Adlai and squash. We offer them the opportunity to have a happier and easier life.

Our MISSION is to invite our members to join different Growth Buys, essentially Group Buys with a longer waiting time. That time is determined by how long the produce would go from seed to harvest. We offer them the opportunity to help in order to be happier.

1. Launch the RURAL RISING MEMBERSHIP CARD on January 1, 2021, or when we reach 10,000 members, whichever comes first.
2. We shall be able to accept only 10% of the total membership or 1,000 members to become our partners.
3. It’s P3,600 per year to become a Founding (Gold) Member.
4. ID numbers start at 10,001 onwards.
5. We are working to add credit-card like benefits to the ID card.

1. Founding members can join the Growth Buys.
2. Founding members get significant discounts on Group Buys, Snap Buys, and Crate Hopes.
3. We shall add more benefits and make available more opportunities as we do this.

Every Founding Member gets a Merch Bag containing:
1. His/her Rural Rising magnetic ID card
2. A Rural Rising gold shirt (like the one Andie wears)
3. A Rural Rising door magnet (like the one on the car)
4. A Gift of Hope Gift Certificate

This is what Andie and I want to do with the rest of our lives and we feel it with all our hearts that is the worthiest earthly endeavor. Will you join us?

NOTE: You will receive an official email confirming your membership and GOH gift certificate

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