ECHA-GO AGAIN ECHAGUE. In the very early days of Rural Rising–when we were still calling ourselves the Accidental Vegetable Dealer–May last year, a beleaguered agricultural cooperative in Isabela sent us a plea for help. We have never seen something like it in all our lives—a formal collective plea for help. It was powerful for its simplicity, it was humbling for its implications. This is the actual document. Who are we for them to think that we could help? At that time it was just me and Andie and our kids working out of our barricaded house in Baguio—no RuRi House in QC yet, no SMC partnership, no RuRi group. But help them we did, in the form of four Pineapple Rescue Buys in as many months. By the end of the 2020 pineapple season, we managed to save some twelve tons of pineapples. And most important to us, we have gained valuable goodwill from the farmers of Echague, Isabela. (“Kailan po kayo pupunta?” they keep asking. “Pinaghahandaan po namin ang pagdating ninyo dito.”) Hala!

Today, they’re coming to us with a plea for us to help one of their farmer. Bananas, beautiful SENORITA bananas. The farmer is Jolito Montesino, this is him. Your help will help Jolito send his 9-year old son to school. The bananas will be in buwigs (bunches), not hands. We are very happy to go back to Isabela again. Who would like to help? Would you take a whole buwig of Jolitos’ señoritas if we price it at just 520 pesos?

***JOLITO’S RESCUE BANANAS will be available Saturday, March 13, 2020.

RESCUE BUY: BANANAS. We are looking for 100 members to get a buwig of bananas, 7 to 10 kilos per buwig, and pay only P520.

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