RAIN RELIEF RAFFLE. We would like to do a RAFFLE to help the small farmers here in Baguio that have have their produce destroyed by these continuous rains. We’re talking about farmers who till only a hundred meters or so of land, and the share croppers (pa-supply) farmers who have nothing to hope for. So many tales of grief here right now that we’re in Baguio and we are getting to talk to them again. How can we help them if they have nothing to sell? We certainly have something to give.
This is a RAFFLE DRAW for a very rare produce. MANSANITAS OR NATIVE CHERRIES. Very rare and difficult to find. We have these three precious kilos. Oh we wish we can give you all a taste, but only one winner can have this. Whatever amount we are able to gather we shall give financial relief to three farmer families, no need for them to give us any produce.

RAIN RELIEF RAFFLE. We are looking for 50 Rural Rising Members to give at least P100 to give relief to the farmer families of Buguias, Benguet. One winner will win 3 kilos of Manzanitas.

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