FRESHLY HARVESTED RED ONIONS. We have 3 bags of Red Onions, total weight 66 kilos. From our hopeful farmers in Bongabon, Nueva Ecija. ONLY 1 WINNER. If you win this raffle, given the sky-high prices of onions now, you will feel like you won gold. Tulong pang kabuhayan. I’f you resell it for whatever price you want, as long as it’s lower than everywhere else, you are going to help a lot of households. Give them away, people would think you won the lottery, but you did!

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150 PESO RAFFLE # 3. The prize is 66 kilos of Red Onions, local not imported. If you give P150, you get 1 raffle ticket. Buy more than 1 ticket. One member wins the whole she-bang. Winner gets chosen by digital raffle. Raffle will be done tomorrow. For transparency, the video of raffle will be posted. Good luck everyone!

Proceeds will go towards helping an injured farmer’s hospital bills.
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Back read the story below:
WE ARE PRAYING FOR A MIRACLE. Last November 4, one of our farmers, Ricarte Sesuka, figured in a terrible vehicular accident. He was one of the farmers we tapped to provide PUMPKINS for the Tzu Chi Box-All-You-Can event slated the next day. He never made it to our truck, to Cabanatuan. Somewhere in Laur town, he swerved to avoid a pothole and smashed into an incoming SUV. Ricarte was taken to a hospital and he has not left it since. The doctors have amputated his leg, taken out his spleen, and put him on life-support. His kidneys are on dialysis, his food is pumped through a tube in his stomach, and his family are out of all and every means to keep it going for him. We feel very sad because Ricarte is a good man. If you enjoyed butternut pumpkins, those were his. This is Ricarte delivering some pumpkins. Only days before the accident, he received a water purification bucket to share with his neighbors. How happy he was, you can see. On the day of the Tzu Chi BAYC, he was the one on our minds. Today, he is on our minds. This is Ricarte now. We would like to bring him to you, to channel help for him that will give him a fighting chance to live. Or channel prayers, not just for Ricarte but for his family.

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