MORE “PINEAPPLETS” COMING! We’ll have 200 pieces more pineapples travelling tonight from Bagabag tonight, available for pickup tomorrow.

BAGABABAG PINEAPPLETS. Nothing to see here except a fork with a very, very juice slice of PINEAPPLET at the end. If you remember in December last year, we did a series of pineapple runs to Isabela and Nueva Vizcaya. We did say we would take a farmer’s harvest for “May, June, July” and here we are. It’s May already and the first pineapples have ripened for us to enjoy. Small but very sweet the big ones are a few weeks down the road! Who will be the first to try, these excellent, excellent Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya pineapplets? Don’t take my word for it, just take my video for it.

GROUP BUY: Here’s 10 kilos of of BAGABAG PINEAPPLES–sweet and juicy does not begin to describe—happy for you to get them at P600.

We are looking for the support of Rural Rising members to buy 10 kilos of Bagabag Pineapples and pay only P600. Founder members who lead this, we shall be happy to give 11 kilos.

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