WE AND THE FARMERS ARE BEGGING YOUR FORGIVENESS. The farmers or Labo, Camarines Norte are panicking when we said we are thinking twice about getting from them again after some members complained of bruised pineapples. “Natatakot na kami,” were the words I used followed by a list, 1, 2, 3 why we were afraid to risk it again. They obviously panicked because they made these videos to try to explain and save their relationship with us. Will you watch and draw your own conclusions?

After watching this, we have decided to do this. There is a farm term called “RESEKO”, in English it’s a small buffer that automatically comes with the produce to cover any issues. Please if you give these farmers a chance, if you give us a chance, we’ll give you a Reseko of 1 EXTRA PINEAPPLE FOR EVERY ORDER. It is important to declare that Rural Rising will NOT require the farmers to give this buffer, we shall buy it from them.

It will be the same price of P280 for 5 pineapples , but we’ll send them to you with a Reseko of 1 pineapple. You’ll receive 6 pineapples total for P280.

Please will you forgive the farmers, will you forgive us for the previous pineapples and let us make it up to you? Will you support us when we send another truck to Labo, Camarines Norte this week? We are always most grateful.

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