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WE HAVE A UNI CORN. This is rare, special and unique corn. After months of waiting, we have it, PURPLE PERUVIAN CORN. It’s 100% purple in color and GAP-grown. How did a prized heritage produce from Peru in the Andes made its way to the Philippines and thrived in Nueva Vizcaya, that is an interesting story. Some say a Japanese researcher who introduced it to a select number of local northern farmers, and one was successful in propagating it.

In Peru, they steep the corn in hot water to extract a deep purple natural colour for foods and beverages. One of these beverages is an alcohol named CHICA MORADA which contains purple corn, pineapple and spices. It is very common to order it in bars, restaurants, even from street vendors. Purple Corn also makes a pudding called “mozamorra” and a hot smoothie called “Inca’s dessert”.

Going back to the Japanese researcher, his intention was to establish a crop breeding program that would eventually send the corn back to Japan. He was not too successful but the corn he introduced continues to thrive in pockets, and not very often. A uniquely Japanese way of cooking corn is to boil it briefly and the grill it while brushing the surface with a mixture of soy sauce, mirin and sugar. Very interesting! We should try that. Get some of these corn immediately.

AVAILABLE FOR HARVEST, JULY 30. Are you willing to wait? We shall have only 300 kilos (Source: A single farmer from Nueva Vizcaya)

ADVANCED BUY: PERUVIAN PURPLE CORN. If P450, your share is 5 kilos of this special corn, paid in advance to the farmer. Only 50 or so members can avail of this offer.

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