MAY BUY ANG MAABAY. The farmers of Maabay, Bauko, Mt. Province are at it again. 1,170 pieces of PASSION FRUIT, how can we dispose all that?! Confidently, we have two days to do it and we need just twenty members to do it with. This is the tireless Nancy Mokat who was responsible for pulling off this minor problem. We’re happy to have it, we’ll happily surmount it. Read the back story: WE VERY MUCH MISS THIS. Putting out crates of the best and freshest highland vegetables and asking our members to come and shop. Right there in the sala of RuRi House. We called it a “Private Palengke” to make it more “social” but it’s a few crates in a sala, that’s what it is. Rustan’s Marketplace it is not and members loved it. To them it seemed like a direct link to the farmers through their produce, that’s what it is. Soon when these terrible times die down, we shall do it again. For now, we have to be content with 1,000 pieces of PASSION FRUIT coming tomorrow to RuRi House. (Haha, yun pala yun!) Last week we had only enough passion fruit for 9 passionate members. This week, while we don’t think we have nearly enough, it’s 17 members getting a Bayong of Passion Fruits this time. So we’re bringing these, PASSION FRUITS foraged in the thickets and forests of Brgy. Maabay in Bauko, Mt. Province. An equal number of families in Maabay, Bauko, Mt. Province will benefit from this sale, and so will the basket weavers of Luisiana, Laguna.

SNAP BUY PASSION FRUIT. We’re looking for 20 or so Rural Rising members to buy a Bayong containing 50 pieces of passion fruit, pay only P999.

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