A BAYONG OF PASSION. What we have here are a few hundred pieces of PASSION FRUIT from that wondrous land called Sagada. This type of fruit loves it there because of the exceedingly cold climate. You’ll love this fruit for its ability to help your lungs and your blood pressure. If there is such a thing as an anti-COVID fruit, this is it. We are seeing high demand for it for precisely that reason. Back read story: These passions fruits come from You probably remember that farmer we told you about, the one who found us by accident and gave us those amazing passion fruits. You might remember that those passion fruits sold out very quickly. Well, you’re going to love this. That same farmer, Estela Awakan of Brgy. Mabaay, Bauko was evidently pleased enough with the deal we made with her—we paid her price, cash upfront—that she came back with more. She said she gathered for days in order to have this much—from wild vines growing in her backyard, on neighbours’ properties, and when she exhausted those, she went into the forest. Organic and very sweet. Spoon it or slurp it, this passion fruit, let’s see if you can stop. Addictive! Make it into jam or cake or a drink, or whatever wonderful thing you can do with passion fruit. Exotic! We are going to put 50 pieces of passion fruit in a bayong.

We have just 10 bayongs, that’s it. We are looking for 10 members to get a Bayong of Passion Fruit for P1,000. If you are a Founder Member, we shall be happy to send the passion fruits to you in one of our new DESIGNER BAYONGS.

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