WE’RE GETTING NUNO SALTED EGGS NEXT WEEK ! Our farmers in San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija just called to say that they will have 1,200 Nuno Eggs available next week. We’re taking them all. They’re pooling their eggs together and preparing them for us. It takes 17 days to season the eggs in buckets of mud and sea salt, and 12 hours to boil the eggs. They were kind enough to send these videos to show the preparation and cooking process. It’s an education to watch. The first step is breaking off chunks from an anthill or what we call the punso. That’s right, these particular farmers uses earth mounds by ants and termites. They think it’s the purest earth there is. I think this is what makes these salted eggs taste really special—the chemical property of the earth adds to it, or perhaps the magical quality of folk belief (Nuno sa Punso). Those of you who tried it swear so. You should try if only to say you’ve had “Nuno Eggs”. Tabi tabi po ang ibang itlog, here comes the BEST salted eggs that you will ever taste in your life. Mantekado delicious. Oily umami. Unforgettable.
GROUP BUY NUNO EGGS. We are looking for 33 members to buy 1 tray of Nuno Eggs and pay only P500.

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