NANO NI NUNO. The much loved NUNO EGSS are back. We needed to wait 17 days but it felt so much longer than that. For those members who are hearing about Nuno Eggs for the first time, you might be wondering why we call them that. First of all these are salted eggs and the preparation calls for them being immersed in buckets of earth and rock salt. The purer the soil the better, and none purer than earth you boldly chip off from a ponso (anthill). You are risking the ire of the Nuno living in the Ponso, if you believe the folklore. What we believe is that these salted eggs are way more delicious than anything we have ever had. Magic, surely. Try it if only to claim that you are serving “Nuno Eggs”.,

So GROUP BUY, a tray (30 pieces) of NUNO EGGS, pay only P610. Only 16 trays available, only 16 members can get.

First 16 members to say “MINE” and send proof of payment gets it. Sale is final when you say “MINE”. Proof of payment expected immediately.

*All FOUNDER MEMBERS get a kilo of native tomatoes, fresh from the farmers Zaragosa, Nueva Ecija.

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