NATIVE PHILIPPINE EARTHWORM POOP! The very best vermicast there is, impossible to get this anywhere else. Just arrived at RuRi House, we are lucky to get this. The house is filled with rich, earthy bukid smell. We shall sell them for less than the price of African Nightcrawler vermicast. Please give us a few hours to put them in smaller bags and we’re ready to go.

A DISCOVERY PURELY BY ACCIDENT. In one of our trips to the provinces, we met the “King of Earthworms” an affable retiree who owned an island filled with millions, if not billions, of native earthworms. He brought us there. Everywhere you put your foot down, you step on veritable black gold—castings with what he says are the highest concentration of humic acid ever tested at U.P. Los Banos laboratory. He wasn’t lying when he said it would Jack-and-the-Beanstalk our plants because with a single application of this stuff on RuRi House’s newly-transplanted Lisbon lemon tree, buds—now baby lemons—started pushing out almost immediately. We’ve read that castings produced by worms far outperforms any packaged fertiliser product. The funny thing is that this gentleman farmer has been begging us to find him as many old fishing nets as we can. We failed to see the connection between earthworms and fishing nets until he showed us. First he lays them on the ground and tricks the worms into pooping above the nets. When he is ready to harvest, he puts both hands on the edge of the net and gives a hard yank. The poop comes free and comes together, ready for easy hand-bagging. None of that imported African Nightcrawler vermicast stuff, this is much better, this is local. Scoop generously around the base of your plant babies, it will increase water and nutrient retention and aid in disease prevention. And if you’re growing fruit trees, you’ll soon see improvements in crop yield, bunch sizes and trunk diameter. Happy and proud for you to have these.

GROUP BUY: NATIVE WORM POOP—P299 for 10 kg. (Founder members automatically get 12 kg)

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